Full Service Corporate and Commercial Video Production

If seeing is believing, what better way for people to receive your message than through corporate and commercial video communication. From concept to completion we make the production process easy and stress free. DK Creative Media covers a wide range of video services that include; communication videos, training videos, promotional videos, community event videos and much more. Let professional video production take your company’s message to the next level and stand out from the competition!

Services Include:

  • Video for Television, the web and more!
  • Professional script writing

                Targeted Concept Development

  • Broadcast quality camera and gear
  • Studio production- current technology
  • Location production
  • Professional voice over, narrator & on-camera talent
  • Professional video editing services
  • Professional graphics
  • Affordable  production
  • Over 25 years of media experience

Affordable Video Production

Very often those interested in having a commercial or promotional video produced ask:  How much will it cost?
My standard answer is:  It can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the concept and the amount of work involved.

The following are factors that can increase your cost

  • Graphic design and logo work
  • Hiring talent
  • Multiple locations
  • Special music

How to Maximize your cost for a television commercial

  • Be prepared when the videographer arrives.
  • For the initial shoot have the producer take extra footage so it can be used to change or modify an ad later, without a re-shoot.
  • Take photographs at the same time as the video shoot and make your advertising consistent with local media, including newspaper and the web.
  • If hiring talent for a store shoot, schedule them on the same day, just stagger the times.
  • Make sure most shots are planned in advance.
  • Produce a “donut” meaning have a consistent open and close to your ad, but just change the middle when needed for sales, promotions etc..



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