Deborah Ketelsen has been photographing the scenes around her since she received her first Kodak Instamatic when she was eight years old.  She has won many awards with her photographs,   has had numerous shows , and  her images have been selected three times by National Geographic  to appear on their website as part of their "Visions of Paradise" campaign.

In addition to photography,  Deborah has been actively creating local TV commercials, documentaries and other video projects in Humboldt County, CA and beyond, for over 20 years. 

"Whether it's shooting stills or video, I get tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment from capturing, composing and creating beautiful scenes.”  "When the light hits an area in just the right way it can be breathtaking. It can be the sparkle in the eyes of a bride, dew drops glistening in the morning sun, or light filtering through the Redwoods.  These are experiences I truly enjoy witnessing and capturing digitally."

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